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Auction Life Florida, Inc.

By appointment only
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Auction life is always seeking quality consignments as well as offering outright purchases as well.

When considering the sale of your property at auction many decisions come to the table. Among the most important of those decisions is the company you contract to present your objects on your behalf. Consignors come first at Auction Life! We understand that without our happy consignors, nothing else matters. We are committed to working hands-on with you through the entire process, making sure that you are well-informed and that the only surprises are good ones! Just as important, we understand that timely payment is important to you and offer a timely-payment guarantee.

Auction Life offers a complimentary auction valuation of your antiques, fine & decorative arts, and other collections. Our commission rates are among the best in the business, and include all research, cataloguing, photography and marketing.

To submit an item or collection for auction valuation,
please send an email to

Please include as much information as you can (photos, brief description, dimensions, any known history, etc.) and one of our Specialists will contact you.

Please feel free to contact us by email or just
call us:
(561) 757-1551

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